Again-Forgive My Poor English

The first time I used lofter was in Nepal, the beautiful but rural country at the south of Everest. That was also the first time for me to be alone, far from the busy urban life.


Beforebeing there, I had never thought of photography but there was a series of photofrom striking me and put me to a totally unknown area--photography. (Sorry for not finding that page again)


The pure environment and poor living condition leave me with plenty of time to think of myself as well as my life. And at that time, I was begin to capture something of mymind -- by photography, by taking photo of the world.


Although it was odd to say taking photos to seize my thoughts, it was my experience, photography is a way to see the world and look deep into oneself.  And that was the beginning of my road to photo. After that trip, I wrote, "Travel is seeing the world and finding oneself."


Two years later, I'm in America for intern and straggling for my undergraduate appliance. Although this is the way I'm going to, the direction is not that clear as my imagine. I was thinking all along the way to be here, which is my target to aim at. First it showed up to be nothing, then statistics, and turning to beinformation science, but still not being ambiguous. All these are not bad for me and all I'm interested in but all I'm not that interested in.


I have to say I were or am lost these two or three years, but in fact it is hard to figure out which is my favorite subject or whether there is one, all my need is focusing and diging deeply. 


To write down these words is somehow I decided to make some change this afternoon, to pick up the thing that I should keep doing after being back from Nepal. The hardest part for one to obtain or accomplish something is keeping as a habit. 

For photography, I went a long way shooting for shape or modality, which is not my original intention to shoot. And that makes me feel that it is not easily to take a photo recently -- I don't know I'm hunting for. Now it comes to me that I should keep thinking  why I'm shooting, but the first step--how tomake it good?

For my learning, I had tried a lot of things to do--learning Python, Java, SQL and lots of things that I might interested in. I had looked widely but being skilled in nothing. So it's time to concentrate.

And last, for writing, writing is the most basic thing that I should keep with and thinking as well all the way.


To be frankly, I want to set up a website for this. But it take several days for the ID verification and after which only can I process. 

So this shows out on loftier.


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